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Welcome to the site!

At D&W we aim to provide a wide range of fun and exciting drinking games designed to entertain you and your friends. 

I created this site when I realized how little information there was for these games on the internet. Not only that, the instructions were impossible to understand, especially when you’re already drunk! We aim to provide you with information that is straight to the point, with no messing around, letting you get the party started as fast as possible.

We wanted to create an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-navigate site that cuts all the unnecessaries out of teaching you how to play a new drinking game. 

Time is of the essence, especially at a party. No one wants to sit around for half an hour waiting for someone to read out the rules while the rest of the party is sobering up, that’s a surefire way to kill the mood.

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