How to Play Asshole Drinking Game

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Asshole Drinking Game

Are you looking forward to your pre-drinks tonight but not sure which drinking game to play? Look no further, Asshole drinking game is a fun and easy drinking game that can be enjoyed among friends. It’s also known as President, Scum, or Capitalism.

Asshole is a timeless classic card game, but it is also an amazing drinking game and I’m sure you will agree once you play. The game has recently gained popularity among college students and young professionals. The game can be played with anywhere from 4-15 people, although 6-8 players are optimal.

If you’ve never played Asshole, we recommend it. It’s very simple to learn, and there’s a bit of strategy involved, which makes it fun and interesting to play.

It’s a great way to get your friends in a little competition and see who gets drunk first. 😉

Requirements to play Asshole:

  • 2 – 15 players (recommend 6-8)
  • Standard 52-pack Deck of Cards
  • Your favorite alcoholic drink

This game is amazing for stag and hen parties so if you’re in charge of organizing a party to remember, check out this amazing deck of cards.

Cards Value

To help make playing the game easier to understand, we have listed the card rankings below from highest to lowest.

2 Card 





10 Card 

9 Card 

8 Card 

7 Card 

6 Card 

5 Card 

4 Card 

3 Card 

Player Ranks:

The game can be played in many different ways, but there are certain positions/roles that players take on during the game.

President: 1st person to get rid of their cards

Vice President: 2nd person to get rid of their cards

People/Citizens: 3rd and remaining players except 1 to get rid of their card

Asshole: Last Person to get rid of their cards. 

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How to Play Asshole Drinking Game

Deal all the cards out of all players, make sure each player has the same amount of cards, and if there are a few cards left over that is fine.

The player to the left of the dealer goes first, putting down, face up & one or more cards of the same set e.g. a 9 or two 9s, or three 9s.

The next player must put down the same number at an equal or greater face value.

If someone puts down another pair of cards with the matching value to the cards that were played before. The person who would go after them will lose their turn and has to take a drink.

If someone is unable to put down a greater matching value they must also drink.

Once no one is unable to make a higher match then cards are cleared and the round begins anew. 

Drink Whenever the Following Happens:

  • When you get skipped
  • When you can put a higher card value down
  • When a 2 is played
  • Whenever a higher ranking player tells you to e.g. a president can tell anyone to drink, the vice president can tell everyone except the president to drink and the people can tell anyone else to drink except the president and vice president. 

Special Rules for Asshole Drinking Game: 

When a 2 is played from anyone’s hand, all players must drink their beer (or other alcohol) instantly without any hesitation.

When someone lays down an Ace, they become President next round and can also choose any rule they please!

Once the drinking game starts, all other players must follow suit and take as many drinking rounds as the President has prescribed for that hand. At the end of each hand, the player with the lowest card is eliminated and the drinking game continues until only one person remains.

So grab a deck of cards and your favorite drinks, and get ready for some drinking fun! With the President, you’ll be sure to have a great night that you won’t soon forget. So cheers to drinking games and pre-drinks with friends!

Get your first drink, or the 5th, or 6th ready!

Note** This game can be complicated to explain. if you’re already drunk and want a simpler game, please check out Ride the Bus Drinking Game.

We hope you have an amazing night with your friends playing the fun and infamous drinking game Asshole 🙂

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