The Best Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game

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Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game

A game that combines luck and humor, a great game for breaking the ice and having fun with friends. The Cards against Humanity drinking game is the same game you love and remember but it includes additional rules and incentives for winning and winners are allowed to give out drinks to losing players.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the Cards Against Humanity drinking game.

Requirements to Play

How to Play Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game (Step by Step)

  1. Shuffle the cards: Separate the white cards (answer cards) from the black cards (question cards) and shuffle each deck separately.
  1. Deal the cards: Each player should start with 10 white cards. The player who most recently pooped (yes, that’s what the game says) goes first and becomes the Card Czar for the first round.
  1. The Card Czar picks a black card and reads it out loud: The black card contains a fill-in-the-blank sentence or a question that needs an answer.
  1. The other players submit their answers: Each player (except the Card Czar) selects one white card from their hand that they think best completes the black card’s sentence or answers the question. Players should keep their white card face down and pass it to the Card Czar.
  1. The Card Czar reads the answers out loud and picks the funniest one: The Card Czar reads each answer out loud, usually in no specific order, and then picks the answer they think is the funniest or most appropriate. The person who submitted that white card wins the round and keeps the black card as a point. Everyone who loses must drink 3 mouth fulls of beer or do a shot.
  1. A player to the left of the czar becomes the czar for the next round
  1. Players draw back up to 10 white cards: After each round, players should draw back up to 10 white cards.
  1. The game continues this way until you decide to stop playing, or until one player has accumulated a predetermined number of black cards (e.g.10).
  1. And that’s it! The rules are simple, but the combinations of cards can lead to some hilariously inappropriate and irreverent responses.
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Additional Rules

If a player plays a card that makes everyone laugh, everyone else drinks a shot or 3 mouth fulls of beer.

You could also assign a “social” rule, where everyone drinks together at the same time. For example, players could take a mouthful of their drink whenever someone plays a card with a curse word.

I hope you enjoy your night drinking with friends

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