How to Play Drunk UNO


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How to Play Drunk Uno

We all remember UNO from our childhoods, the competitive card game that more than likely resulted in a flipped table and an argument with your friends at least once. Now that you’re an adult you can add drinking into the mix! What could go wrong?…. 

In all seriousness though, Drunk UNO is an extremely fun game to play with your friends and is sure to get you all laughing, crying, and most importantly, DRUNK! 

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What You Need to Play Drunk UNO

All you need to get hammered playing your favorite childhood card game is: 

  • A deck of normal UNO cards (buy UNO Cards here!)
  • A group of 2-10 people 
  • Your favorite drinks and a cup each (this can be beer, spirits, liquor, wine, or anything you can get your hands on!) 
  • A champion’s crown made of anything you can find (This can be anything from a cardboard beer crate, a Burger King crown, or just a normal party hat. Get creative with this, the dumber the better!)
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How a Round is Won

Drunk UNO roughly follows the same concept as normal UNO, just with the twisted addition of watching your group of friends become an incoherent mess! 

In this version of Drunk UNO, we’ve scrapped the long version of playing an entire points game which can take upwards of 30-40 minutes in favor of shorter, quickfire rounds. This will keep your players interested (and drunk) for longer. So don’t worry about the points system you’re used to with normal UNO, you won’t need that here (you won’t be able to count by the end of the game anyway). 

Each round is won by playing the last card in your hand before anyone else plays their last card. However, you must shout “UNO!” once you are down to your last card before anyone else has a turn. 

If you fail to do this and someone calls you out, then you must draw 4 more cards from the draw deck and drink, so remember to shout “UNO!” or you might cost yourself the round and a headache in the morning. 

Now, if you successfully play your last card AFTER shouting “UNO!” you are the winner of the round. You now claim your champion status by shouting “MY ROUND!” and everyone except you must drink. 


  • To start the game off, the player to the left of the person that dealt the cards starts. 
  • The first player must try and match a card from their hand with the card on top of the discard pile.
  • Once they have played a card out of their hand then the person to their left must play one of theirs if possible. Keep this rotation going throughout the remainder of the round. 
  • After the first player has matched one of their cards with the card on top of the draw deck, all players must try and match one of their cards with the card placed by the player before them in the rotation. 
  • Once a player is down to their last two cards they must shout “UNO!”, if they don’t do this and someone calls them out then they must draw 4 extra cards from the draw deck. 
  • Players can call someone out for failing to call their last cards by shouting “YOU CHEATED, GRAB A FOUR PACK!”
  • If a player does call their last cards and then successfully plays them, they have won the round and are crowned the drunk champion and must place the champion’s crown on their head until the next person wins. 

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We’ve made the rules of Drunk UNO as simple as possible so you can get to falling over chairs and puking in trash cans as soon as possible! 

  • Each player starts each hand with 7 cards.
  • After each player has been given their cards, place the remaining deck of cards to the side (this is now your draw deck
  • Choose a player to start first, then take turns moving to the left of each player in the group. 
  • At the beginning of each round, all players must prepare their drink (this is to keep the pace of the round going). 
  • When a player draws a wild card they must choose someone to drink
  • When a player draws a card that matches the color, number, or word of the card drawn by the player before them, both players must drink
  • If a player has a card that they cannot play then they must draw a card from the draw deck and drink (if they draw another card that they cannot play with then they must drink again and pass their turn). 
  • If a player wins a round then they must shout “MY ROUND” and all players except the winner must drink (the winner can drink as well if they want to, you’re the winner, do what you want!) 

This version of UNO will surely get you and your friends drunker than your aunt on Christmas. 

Though this method is different from what you might remember playing when you were young, the rules are easy to learn and certain to get your group of friends on their merry way before you hit the town, a house party, or even if it’s just for a fun night in getting hammered with your buds.

The perfect mix of nostalgia, drinking, and morning headaches, Drunk UNO is a surefire of reliving your childhood memories, at least until you forget the entire night!

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