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Fuck the Dealer Drinking Game

Fuck The Dealer – A Fun, Fast-Paced Drinking Game!  


  • Dealer is assigned 
  • Players get two guesses of the value of the card on top of the deck. After the first guess, the dealer tells them if the card is higher or lower than their first guess. 
  • If the player guesses correctly on the first guess the dealer takes 4 drinks. If guessed right on the second guess the dealer takes 2 drinks.  
  • Cards are then placed facing upward on the table allowing everyone to see what cards remain in the deck. 
  • If the player is wrong on their second guess the player must drink the difference between their second guess and the value of the card. 
  • Once the dealer has beaten 3 people IN A ROW, the deck moves on clockwise to the next person. 

Also known as screw the dealer. Plenty of fun for just two people- but best played with larger groups. Whether you’re at the pub or at home with friends, Fuck the Dealer is the perfect casual, fun, fast-paced drinking game! There’s room to get creative and add your own unique, twists. Be warned… due to the rapid nature of this drinking game, people get drunk quickly. 

Requirements to Play Fuck the Dealer

The Aim of The Game  

The objective of the game is to correctly guess the value of the card on top of the deck. You have 2 attempts to guess this value. 

The dealer will want players to get the answers wrong, so they must drink. If the player gets the answer right, the dealer must drink.  

As the name tells you, the dealer is slightly disadvantaged, often ending up drinking far more than the players. But don’t worry because every player will likely get a turn as the dealer.  

So, let’s now look at how you play Fuck the Dealer. 

Setting Up  

  • Remove the jokers 
  • Decide amongst yourselves whether aces are high or low. 
  • The first step when setting up a game of Fuck the Dealer is to get some drinks ready! You should have a decent stock of alcohol readily accessible. 
  • To decipher the dealer, everyone sits around a table and is given a card. The person with the lowest card is the dealer. 
  • Remember, if two or more players have the same card, they should be re-dealt until the player with the lowest ranking card is assigned the dealer.  
  • The dealer should then shuffle the deck one more time and get ready to play. 

How to Play Fuck the Dealer Step by Step  

  1. The dealer places the deck of cards face down on the table and asks the player to their left to guess the value of the top card. (e.g. 6).  
  2. If the player guesses correctly, the dealer must drink 4 times. 
  3. If the player guesses incorrectly, the dealer tells them if the card is higher or lower than their guess. 
  4. The player then guesses once more. If their second guess is correct then the dealer must drink 2 times, otherwise, the player drinks the number of times equal to the difference between their guess and the actual card. For example, if you guessed 6 and the card was a 3, you would take 3 drinks.  
  5. This card is then placed on the table face up. 
  6. The dealer then asks the next player (In a clockwise rotation) a question, and the process repeats. 
  7. The dealer will change automatically to the player on their left after three wrong answers. 

There’s no actual endpoint to Fuck the Dealer, but many people end the game after about 30 – 45 minutes because players get smashed very quickly. 

Cards that have been revealed are placed face up on the table so that players know which cards are no longer in the deck, making it easier for the players as the game proceeds. 

Enjoy watching the dealer get fucked towards the end of the game and hope it’s not you! 

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Custom Rules  

There are many rule variations you can apply to make your game more interesting! 

As previously mentioned, the usual penalty is that the player who guessed the card incorrectly must drink, but you can tweak the rules that say how much players and the dealer drinks! 

The dealer could ask the player alternative questions about the card, given they aren’t overly specific. For example, you can ask the player what suit they think the card is. 

If the player answers correctly, the dealer must drink. Otherwise, the player must drink again. 

For what suit the card is, the player will have a 1/4 chance of guessing the correct answer. Guessing the answer of the exact ranking and suit will be incredibly difficult. So, ensure the questions you ask are fair. 

Likewise, the dealer could ask: Does the next card in the card deck have a higher or a lower value than the previously revealed card? 

If the player answers correctly, the dealer must drink. Otherwise, the player must drink again. 

Additional rules for Fuck the Dealer: 

Dipshit drink: If someone guesses a card and all 4 are on the table, they must take a “dipshit” drink, which is 5 drinks.  

Face Down: Discarded cards can be placed face down on the table instead of up to make the game more challenging. 

Social: After all 4 suits of a card have been used, everyone must drink. 

Dealer’s Choice: The dealer may pass the deck to any player after successfully dealing to 3 players. 


If you don’t want people getting drunk too quickly, adjust the amount of alcohol that players must drink. 

This game can be lethal, especially if you’re the dealer. There’s a high probability you’ll end up wasted!  

  • Pay attention to the cards that have been called already: If there are no Jack cards on the table but three 7 cards on the table, then you can start your first guess with a Jack, not a 7 card. 
  • When making your first guess, choose cards near the center of the deck: such as 6, 7, and 8. These cards will increase your chances of making a correct second guess as there are fewer numbers to choose from. 

The aim is to have fun and enjoy a few drinks. After all, it’s a drinking game, so don’t take it too seriously. 

If you’re looking for a game to play when everyone arrives and you want to get the drinks flowing please try this fun and quick game which gets everyone involved and breaks the ice.

Drinking games are great for de-stressing and letting loose. just remember to drink responsibly. Know your limits when drinking alcohol, and don’t drink and drive!  

Happy drinking 🙂 

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