Ride the Bus Drinking Game (The Best Version)

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Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Playing Ride the Bus, a competitive drinking game, requires a combination of logic and chance if you don’t want to be the losing player who has to ride the bus at the end of the game. If you make a wrong guess, you have to drink.  The rules for Ride the Bus are a little more complex than those of other drinking games. But the game is still a lot of fun, and I’m sure you will add it to your favorites after you have read this article and understand the rules.  The game’s objective, which uses a complete deck of playing cards (52 cards), is to finish each round with as few cards as possible in one’s hand.

Players must determine who will serve as the dealer before the game of Ride the Bus can begin. Simply choosing someone at random to be the dealer is sufficient. To avoid confusion once the game has begun, the dealer must be familiar with the rules and procedures of the game. 

Requirements to Play Ride the Bus and Game Setup

To play Ride the bus, all you need is:

  • A deck of cards
  • Alcoholic beverages of your choice

The role of “dealer” is given to one participant. Their responsibilities include shuffling the cards and ensuring the bus rules are followed. Playing the game requires that all players be seated together.

A dealer, a passenger (we’ll get to that in a second). Even though you need a minimum of two people, I recommend 3 or more players to play.

The Rules of Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Four rounds will be played to select who gets to ride the bus. After that, they will have to take the bus, which usually results in them being really drunk (so I can’t decide if they’re the winner or loser).

First Round

At the outset of the game, the dealer will ask, “Red or Black?” to all of the players in the game individually.  The first player then sees the top card of the deck from the dealer, and if they guessed correctly, they choose one player to drink.  But if they are mistaken, they drink by themselves.  This continues around the table until every player has seen their first card.

Second Round

Round two’s question is, “Higher or lower?” Don’t forget that the ace is the highest card, and the two’s are the lowest.  To win, players must correctly predict whether their next card will be higher or lower than the value of their first card.  If the prediction is right, they choose another player to drink. but if they guess incorrectly, they will have to drink. When everyone has seen their second card. If the second card has the same value as the first, the player must take a drink.

Third Round

During the third round, the dealer asks, “In between or outside?” Considering their first two cards’ values, players predict whether their third card will fall inside or outside that range. Again, this relies partly on chance, but players may use logic and odds to estimate whether their third card will fall inside or beyond the range established by their first two.

If a player receives a 10 and an 8 in the first two cards, they may reasonably expect the third card to be outside those cards. If their cards were an Ace and a four, however, the likelihood that the card will be between those two cards increases. If a player makes an accurate estimate, they get to choose one player from the group and make them drink. If they are mistaken, though, they have to drink. Also, they must take another drink if it’s the same card as the previous two. 

Fourth Round

Each player has one last chance to win by correctly predicting the suit of the card they will get at the end of the game (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds). All the other players have to drink if they make the correct guess. But if they’re wrong, they have to down their whole drink. To make thighs even more fun, the player who correctly guessed the suit can choose between having each participant take 1 drink or allocate the drinks as they see fit.

Fifth and Final Round (Forming the Pyramid)

Now is the time to construct the pyramid. Before dealing out the four cards to each player, the dealer will build a face-down pyramid with 5 cards at the base, 4 cards, 3 cards, 2 cards, and finally, one card at the top. One drink in row 1, two drinks in row 2, and so on, and up to five drinks in row 5.

1 card will be shown at a time, starting with the top. Anyone holding the card must give out drinks to their fellow players. Dependent on the row length, he may serve up to five drinks and can choose to who they give the drinks. That could be 5 drinks to one person or spread evenly amongst everyone.

For instance, if I hold a Jack and the first card in the bottom row is a Jack, I get to give 5 drinks to anybody I like. This process is repeated at each pyramid level until as many cards as possible have been eliminated. Players may take a chance by saving their cards to find a similar card higher up, allowing them to distribute additional drinks (and make their friends drunk). However, the player with the most cards at the end of the pyramid will have to make the ultimate sacrifice by riding the bus.

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Riding the Bus

The leftover cards are counted after the last card of the pyramid has been shown, and all potential cards have been discarded. You’ll learn here how the drinking game “Ride the Bus” earned its name.

The loser of “Ride the Bus” is determined by who has the most cards at the end of the play. in this case, two players have the same number of cards; the player with the highest card decides the loser. The losing player who “Rides the Bus” has to respond successfully to the next four questions in succession.

Black or red?

higher or lower?

Outside or between?

What suit?

The next question is asked if the player gives the right answer. If they make a mistake, they have to drink and start over with the first question. When a player properly answers all four questions in succession, the game is over, or when all of the cards have been dealt. Additionally, if the player is totally drunk, the game ends! Nobody wants to continuously “take the bus.”

The last player should try to “get off the bus” as soon as possible to prevent being sick! 😉

Enjoy Playing I hope you enjoy getting Drunk and Wavy 🙂

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