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Ring of fire, is potentially the most popular, sociable drinking game in existence! It gets the party started, drinks flowing and everyone involved. Also known as the king’s cup or ring of death.

A standard game lasts between 20-45 minutes and includes a variety of small games. The game slows as time proceeds, people get drunker and finishes when the last king is pulled.

Great for pre-drinks and parties! Best played in the comfort of your own home as it gets loud and concentration is required for rounds like thumb master… that’s going to be hard in a club.

Having a variety of drinks makes this game fun and is even more fun when the group is bigger.

The question is… who will pick the final king and be tasked with drinking the awful mixture of drinks in the king’s cup?

Bite-size rules

  • Place a cup in the center of the table.
  • Shuffle a deck of cards and spread them evenly around the base of the cup face down.
  • Everyone gathers in a circle around the ring.
  • In a clockwise rotation, everyone takes a card from the ring
  • Rules stated above
  • If you break the circle, causing a gap in the card ring you must down your drink
  • The game ends when the last king is drawn and the player drinks from the King’s cup
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Aim of the game

  • Don’t break the ring
  • Don’t pull the last king
  • Don’t mess up!


Setting up

1. To set up the game, first clear a flat surface (table)

2. Place the cup in the center of the table.

3. Spread the deck face-down in a ring around the cup

4. Make sure there are no gaps in the ring. All cards should be touching.

5. Once the cards and cups are set up, each player grabs their beverage of choice and stands around the table together in a circle.

Step by step

1. In a clockwise rotation, everyone picks a card from the ring

2. Do not break the circle! If you break the circle, you must down your drink.

3. Each card rank has a distinct rule, as stated below.

4. When a player draws a king, he pours a quarter of what he is drinking into the middle cup. The unfortunate player to pick out the fourth king has essentially lost the game, as they will then need to drink the unsightly cocktail of mixed drinks in one sitting!

Cards and Their Values for Ring of Fire:

Ace: Waterfall- The player starts to drink, then the player to their left starts to drink, and so on until every player is drinking. Then at any time, the player who pulled the card stops drinking, the player to their left may stop, and that continues until no one is left drinking. Everyone keeps drinking until the player who picked the card stops. So, who knows how long you will be going for!

Two: You- Pick a player to drink.

Three: Me- You must drink.

Four: Whores- All girls drink

Five: Thumb master- The player places his thumb down on the table at any point of the game. The last person to do so as well must drink. You are the thumb master until someone else picks a five.

Six: Dicks- All boys drink.

Seven: Heaven. The player raises their arm at any point in the game, pointing to the sky. The last person to do so as well must drink.

Eight: Mate- Choose a mate to drink with you. Every time you drink, your drinking buddy drinks. (Until someone else picks this card).

Nine: Rhyme- Choose a word, such as fog, in a clockwise rotation the person next to you must say a rhyming word, such as dog. If someone stumbles or hesitates they must drink. None rhymable words are not permitted.

Ten: Categories- Choose a category, in a clockwise rotation around the circle, everyone says a word relating to the category- e.g fruits or car brands. If someone hesitates or can’t think of a word they drink.

Jack: Rule- You make a rule- e.g. everyone takes double drinks, or you can’t use people’s first names, or you can only drink with your left hand, etc… If anyone forgets and disobeys the rule they must drink (including you).

Queen: Question master- The player with this card may ask questions but no one is allowed to answer, if they do, they must drink. The player who drew the card is the first question master.

King: Pour- Pour a quarter of your drink into the cup in the middle. If you pull the fourth king you must down the cup, Good luck!

Custom rules:

– Rules like “Thumb Master” can be switched to the “Ground is Lava”, where the last player to be touching the ground must drink!

– Instead of pouring a quarter of your drink into the cup when selecting a king, any amount can be poured.

– You can continue playing after the last king is pulled.

– When a Queen is pulled, you can play never have I ever instead of question master.

– For the Queen card: Questions – Go around in a circle and you must keep asking questions to each other. Doesn’t matter what the question is, as long as it’s a question. Whoever messes up and does not say a question, drinks.

Remember to always drink responsibly and make sure you and your friends make it home safe. Browse through some of the more obscure drinking card games we have here.

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