Dice Drinking Games

Dice Drinking Games are a lot of fun and can be played just about anywhere, granted you have a smooth playing surface. They’re a great way to get people to interact and have fun while drinking, and they’re also a good way to make people more comfortable in social situations.

You can play simply: each player starts with a full glass of beer or other drink, places it in front of them on the table, and rolls the dice. The player who rolls the highest number chooses someone else to drink. If two or more players tie for the high number then they both choose who will drink.

If you want a more interesting drinking game to play with your dice, you’re in the right place! Choose from our games below with helpful step-by-step guides for you to understand how to play and so much more!

  • Avalanche Drinking Game (The Best Version)

    Avalanche Drinking Game (The Best Version)

    Avalanche is a great game for you and a couple of friends to play at the start of the night or whenever you have a quick 15 minutes e.g. if you’re waiting for more friends to turn up.  Avalanche is a fast-paced drinking game that requires minimal equipment. Avalanche is also very easy to explain…

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  • Three-Man Dice Drinking Game (Fast-Paced Fun)

    Three-Man Dice Drinking Game (Fast-Paced Fun)

    Three Man dice is a popular drinking game that involves rolling dice and drinking based on the results. In this game, players take turns rolling a pair of dice and the number rolled determines who drinks and how much. The game is easy to learn and is great to play with a group of friends.…

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  • The Best Mexican Dice Drinking Game

    The Best Mexican Dice Drinking Game

    There are many different dice drinking games that are popular in Mexico, but one of the most well-known is called “Mexican Dice” or “Mexican Drinking Dice.” Players sit in a circle and take turns rolling two dice. Each number combination corresponds to a different action, and the player must follow that action or give out…

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