Avalanche Drinking Game (The Best Version)

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Avalanche Drinking Game

Avalanche is a great game for you and a couple of friends to play at the start of the night or whenever you have a quick 15 minutes e.g. if you’re waiting for more friends to turn up. 

Avalanche is a fast-paced drinking game that requires minimal equipment. Avalanche is also very easy to explain to players and depending on who is playing, rules can be adjusted so everyone can have an amazing time playing. 

What You Need to Play

  • A six-sided die
  • 4 or more players
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • drinking cups or glasses (one for every player and one game cup)
  • A table (or another flat surface)

The Setup

Each player sits around the table with the alcoholic drink of their choice in a cup, another cup is placed in the center of the table and this is the “Game Cup”. 

Each player then adds as much to the game cup as they want; this can either be a large or small amount. 

Once each player has added an amount of their drink to the game cup the first player then rolls the die.

How to Play Avalanche Drinking Game

This game is very simple and easy to follow so it makes a great game for the start of the night to break the ice and get everyone chatting, laughing, and having fun. 

Compared to other games which can take a lot of time to explain, you can start playing avalanche drinking game within a matter of seconds.

Each player takes a turn rolling the die in a clockwise fashion and depending on what number is shown face up on the die is what the player has to do. 

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Avalanche Drinking Game Rules

Once a player rolls the die, whatever number is shown on the die they must follow the rule:

Number 1

If a player rolls a 1 they don’t have to do anything and they pass the die to the next player.

Number 2

If a player rolls a 2 they add some of their drink to the game cup. If the player is drinking shots then they add 1 shot to the cup and if they are drinking beer or cider then they add 5 ounces.

Number 3

If a player rolls a 3 they must drink all the contents of the game cup and they have to finish it before the die has gone full circle and it is their turn again. If they do not finish the drink then they’re out.

Number 4

If a player rolls a 4 then the person to their right has to drink the game cup and if they don’t finish it before it is their turn again then they are out.

Number 5

If a player rolls a 5 they choose someone to drink from their personal drink, not the game cup. This should be a shot or about 5 ounces of beer. 

Number 6

If a player rolls a 6 then they add some drink to the cup (again this can be 1 shot or around 5 ounces of beer) and also have to roll again. 

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Additional Rules

Another amazing reason to play avalanche is that the game is very customizable and depending on the type of people you’re playing with then you can change or add rules to the game

If you have a pair of dice then you can choose to play with them both and add additional rules to the numbers but remember rule one would have to be changed to a different number!

Here is a few examples of additional rules you can use when playing avalanche drinking game:

If “X” is shown then all players have to touch the floor, and the last person to do it has to drink

If “X” is shown on the die then the player has to remove a piece of clothing

If “X” is shown then a player can choose someone else to drink the game cup

If “X” is shown then players have to swap drinks in a clockwise fashion

If “X” is shown then the player can choose to make a rule such as; all players have to drink with their left hand.

If you love dice drinking games make sure to have a look at all the other games we have.

There are loads of rules you can choose from and depending on who you’re playing with you can adjust them to make the game as fun as possible!

Have a great night being Drunk and Wavy!

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