How to Play Beer Die Drinking Game?

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Beer Die Drinking Game

Have you played Beer Die, the ultimate drinking game? If not, you’re missing out on an age-old pastime that has entertained beer drinkers for generations. The goal of this game is simple: to drink beer and have fun. That’s why it has remained popular over the years.

This guide will give you all the information you need to become a master Beer Die player. We’ll cover the rules and regulations, equipment setup, game-winning strategies, and more. Let’s get started.

The Game Overview

Being a defensive beer sport designed for athletes, Beer Die (aka beer or die) is a table-based drinking game that requires quick reactions, teamwork, and accuracy. Two teams of two players go head to head in this exciting game as each team aims to sink their opponent’s cup while defending half of the table. It is a 2 vs. 2 game, with each team working together to outplay their opponents and win the match.

What’s The Set-Up?

The setup for Beer die is very simple. You will need a table, four players, two beers per player, and the beer dies game pieces. The table should be big enough to accommodate the board, and all four players should be able to reach the center of the table comfortably on both sides.

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Before beginning the game, the player must fill each beer to the brim of the pint glasses. The table should be roughly 3-3½ feet off the ground and should be divided with a vertical line down the middle. For best results, we recommend using 5-ply pine plywood ½ inch thick and applying a clear coat finish to keep its bounce integrity intact.

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The Beer Die Rules

First Toss

A die is rolled, and the other team calls either high or low. A 4, 5, or 6 is high, and a 1, 2, or 3 is low. If the first team guessed correctly, they were awarded the first toss.

To Win

Games are played for up to 9 or 11 points. Beer is killed and filled for every 3 points scored in a 9-point game. Beer is killed and filled for every 4 points scored in an 11-point game. Games are always won by 2. It is not possible to win in FIFA.


If the die has either hit the offensive team’s side and is a dead die or it has hit the defensive side and goes off the table, catching it over the table is allowed. If the die falls off the table, is bobbled, and touches any part of it again, it will award a point to the offense.


If a die hits the defending team’s cup and falls off the table without being caught, it is two points. No points are awarded for a tinking if done by the offensive team’s cup.


A sink, which can be either direct or bounced in, is awarded three points to the offense. The defense must kill and fill their beer regardless of the score when this happens. Also, an attempted FIFA from the defense, which results in the die lands in their own cup, will still award one point to the offense and require them to kill and fill.


For teams that decide to play FIFA, the offensive team’s missed die can be kicked up by one of the defensive players and caught. If successful, the offensive player that threw the airball must take a seat on defense for the next turn. The rule caps at three FIFA’s per team.


For teams that opt for bobbles, the defending team isn’t allowed to bobble or catch the die in any way. If it’s done so, the throwing team is awarded a point.

Extreme Bobbles

When both teams decide to play extreme bobbles, an offensive player can blast off their feet a defensive player who attempts to bobble a die.


When teams agree to picks, a pick can be set at the cups but not at the mid-line. Shoulder or movement into defending players is prohibited and won’t give any points.

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How To Play The Beer Die Game?

Once the game is set up, it’s time to start playing! Here’s how it works:

1. Filling Cups

First, find two teams of two people each and position them at opposite ends of the table completely, with their cups filled with beer (or other beverages). The standard cup size is approximately 12 oz.

2. Positioning Cups

Each team should place their cups on the table in a specific way: one forearm length and one fist length across from the edge of the table. For tables under seven feet long, place the cup one elbow to wrist length in and one fist length across.

3. Starting The Game

The game begins with the oldest person at the table throwing the die (in an underhand fashion) toward their opponent’s side of the table. All players must stay seated while throwing.

4. Standard Z Throwing Pattern

The die is then thrown in a specific order: a “standard z” from whoever started. This pattern starts with the person that first threw the die, followed by their opponent across the table, their partner to their left, and finally, the person across from them. This pattern then continues, and the die bounces back to the starter. Players of both the opposing team and the throwing team must remain in their seats for the game and cannot switch places during play.

5. Winning The Game

The winning team remains on the table until they have lost or passed out. The oldest person from one team will start the next game with a new die-throw. Please remember to drink responsibly. This game should always be played in moderation with friends of legal drinking age.


Following the rules and guidelines of Beer Die, the drinking game is important to ensure everyone can enjoy the game safely. The game entails a lot of fun with beer-throwing, trick shots, table flipping, and all-out competition. From teams of two to four, the game can be enjoyed by all. With a little practice and patience, even rookie players can become beer-die experts in no time. Do not hesitate to get creative on how you want to alter the rules for more fun. Play safe and have fun!

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