9 Best Halloween Drinking Games


Two halloween pumpkins

The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner! Whether you’re getting dressed up for a Halloween party or spending it with your closest friends, no gathering is complete without a few themed drinking games to raise your spirits – literally. 

From apple bobbing to pumpkin carving, there are plenty of traditional Halloween activities that can be adapted into boozy fun. So why not take your Halloween celebrations to the next level this year with some of the best Halloween drinking games? We have compiled a list of 9 great games that will have you and your friends laughing, cheering, and trying to remember who won…if anyone can remember.

From classics like Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare to some wild and crazy new ideas like Blood Ball, there’s something for everyone here. So get ready for a night of frightful fun with these 9 best Halloween drinking games!

Before we get into the games if you’re hosting a Halloween party its always a great idea to make a punch for everyone to enjoy, we recommend:

Bloody Mary – A Haunting Halloween Cocktail

If you’re looking for a classic but delightfully spooky cocktail to serve at your upcoming Halloween party, look no further than a Bloody Mary. It’s an old favorite, and with the right garnishes, it can be a frightfully delightful addition to any gathering.

To get started, all you need is your favorite tomato juice (try reaching for one that emphasizes fresh flavors like basil or oregano), quality vodka, and some Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce for spice. Once you’ve mixed up the ingredients, start garnishing! 

You can add olives in the shape of spiders, or shaped into bat wings. Serve with a generous portion of celery sticks in the shape of bones or witches’ hats.

Drinking games are always more fun with a good drink to get things started. Make sure to sample your own creation before serving Bloody Marys should always be shaken before serving to get the full flavor!

Mummy Wrap – A Spooky Take on a Classic

Grab a couple of rolls of toilet paper and get ready to have some good, spooky fun! In this classic drinking game, it’s time to play “Mummy Wrap”. It’s like traditional wrap-the-mummy, but with a few added rules. Starting with one player taking the role of ‘mummy’, everyone else gets out the toilet paper and takes turns wrapping the ‘mummy’, while reading out Halloween puns. 

Once you’re nice and securely wrapped, your friends take turns trying to guess what Halloween pun you were saying. 

Every time they guess correctly they can take a sip of their drink. Each round, a new mummy is chosen until everyone has had their turn that way no one is drinking more than anyone else!

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Cemetery Gates – An Eerie Twist on Flip Cup

For the ultimate spooky drinking game, you need Cemetery Gates. This might sound a little complicated, but this takes flip cup to a whole new level. And once you’ve had a few drinks, it’s always really fun.

You’ll need two teams of four players each. Both teams line up along opposite ends of the table with their cups in front of them. You’ll also need to figure out some sort of boundary near the center of the table – this is your ‘cemetery gates’.

To start, fill the cups of one team with beer and the other team with water. Then each team will take turns drinking their drinks as quickly as possible – and slamming their cups back down on the table when they’re done. As soon as a team member finishes their drink, they run to the center line and attempt to cross through ‘the cemetery gates’. 

If they make it over, great! But if one person from either team touches them, that person needs to go back and finish another drink before re-attempting. The first team to successfully have all four teammates cross ‘the cemetery gates’ wins.

So grab some friends and get ready for some spooky cemetery action! Cemetery Gates is sure to bring your Halloween gathering to life with a silly (and slightly eerie) twist on flip cup.

Never Have I Ever (Halloween Edition) – A Chilling Confessional

You’ve played Never Have I Ever at a party before, right? Well, the Halloween edition is just as much fun and a bit more spooky.

To play Never Have I Ever (Halloween Edition):

Gather your friends together and grab some drinks.

Everyone takes turns making statements beginning with “Never have I ever” and followed by an eerie activity like:

Went to a haunted house

Watched a scary movie alone late at night

Experimented with an Ouija board

If someone has done the activity in the statement, they take a drink, and then it’s the next person’s turn to make a statement. The game goes on until everyone has had their share of drinks but watch out for the secrets that might be revealed!

Halloween Pong – A Bewitching Twist on Beer Pong

Here’s a bewitching twist on a classic~ Halloween Pong! Gather your favorite ghoulish friends, set up some cups, and add a few spooky decorations and you have the perfect game for any Halloween party.


Halloween Pong is set up like traditional Beer Pong, but with a few extra rules and decorations to make it extra spooky. You will need two teams of two players, six cups per team arranged in a triangle formation, and your favorite beverage.

How to Play

The rules are simple – each team takes turns trying to throw or bounce the ball into their opponent’s cup. Every time the ball lands in one of the cups, that cup is removed from play, and the opposing team drinks. The game continues until all of one team’s cups have been cleared. The first team to clear all six of their opponent’s cups wins!


For added fun, you can decorate each cup with spooky decorations like plastic spiders, googly eyes, or fake cobwebs. You can also use skull-shaped ice cubes instead of regular ice cubes in your drinks for an extra creepy touch!

Spooky halloween night with the moon shining

Hide and Shriek – A Macabre Version of Hide and Seek

Can you handle something a bit more spooky? If so, check out Hide and Shriek. It’s basically a macabre version of hide and seek, with a drinking game twist. Here’s how you play:

Everyone splits up into two teams and hides somewhere in the house (or outdoors).

Each team has one seeker who is given a flashlight to find the other team’s players.

The seekers have to make noises that sound like shrieks, screams, or laughter to scare the people they’re trying to catch.

Whenever someone is located, they have to take drinks as punishment!

The game is over once all members of the opposite team have been found or when an agreed-upon time limit passes — whichever comes first!

Sounds like it could be really intense! This Halloween classic is sure to liven up any gathering and put some terrifyingly fun competition into your celebration. So why wait? Get prepped for an exciting game of Hide and Shriek before you get scared silly this Halloween!

Eyeball dig

Eyeball Dig won’t leave you feeling cornered it’s a totally fun Halloween-themed drinking game! You’ll need 8-10 eyeballs (gummy candy works just fine) and your favorite Halloween drinks.

Here’s how it works: everyone sits in a circle and places their drinks in the middle. Then, take one of the eyeballs and pass it around the circle while music plays in the background. When the music stops, whoever has the candy must grab a drink while everyone else shouts “Eyeball Dig!” 

The person with the eyeball must then dig through all of their drinks until they find the hidden gummy worm. They have to finish that drink before the game continues on to the next person!

Truth or Drink

Truth or Drink is a classic Halloween drinking game. Here’s how it works – each participant is asked to answer a question posed by the other players, and if they refuse to answer, they have to take a drink instead. You can play this game with any type of questions – from light-hearted topics to deep and personal questions.

For example, you could ask a question like “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” or “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” You can also make it more spooky by asking questions like “What ghost have you seen before?” or “What supernatural creature do you believe in?”

If someone refuses to answer the question, they have to take a shot or drink from their drinks. The game continues until everyone has answered all of the questions.

It’s important that everyone takes turns asking the questions and that everyone feels comfortable with the content of the questions asked. This way, everyone will be able to enjoy this Halloween drinking game without feeling too uncomfortable about answering personal questions!

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Skeleton scavenger hunt

Do you feel like taking a break from the usual drinking game routine? If so, you should try the skeleton scavenger hunt! First, everyone will need to hide behind furniture and around the house while one person – the “skeleton” – walks in and out of rooms looking for his hidden prey. When someone is spotted, they have to take a shot and if they survive all rounds, they’ll get a prize.

The skeleton scavenger hunt is a decent way to switch up the pace and have some fun without getting too tipsy. Here are some things to keep in mind when playing this game:

Make sure everyone has an equal chance at being the skeleton

Consider giving different prizes for different rounds so that people remain engaged for the entire game

Make sure that all players can hide easily without running into each other or getting stuck in corners

Try to add in some amusing tasks for when someone is caught such as singing a song or doing an impression

Poke a pumpkin

This game makes it simple to turn your Halloween party into an adult drinking game. All you need is some pumpkins and a few pointed tools like toothpicks, chopsticks, or even straws. Just blindfold one of your guests, give them your pointed tool of choice, and let them take their best guess at poking the pumpkin.

Assuming you’re playing with beer, every time the blindfolded person successfully pokes the pumpkin they can enjoy a sip of beer. Of course, if they miss they have to keep going until they succeed in piercing that orange flesh!


Whether you’re having a big bash or an intimate gathering, having a few festive drinking games on hand can make your Halloween party an unforgettable one. From classic beer pong to more creative drinking games like Flip Cup and Spin the Bottle, you’re sure to find something that everyone can enjoy. So when you’re gearing up for the spooky season, don’t forget to add a few of these festive drinking games to the festivities.

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